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Massage in the Work Place


Revitalise Your Workforce

Why Massage Therapy in the workplace?


Considering the wellbeing of your staff helps create a healthier, happier, working environment and therefore helps your business to succeed.

Many employees are spending much of their day working at desks, computers, driving etc. An increasing number of my clients are suffering from work related shoulder tension, back ache and stress problems, which can lead to absenteeism and reduced productivity.

Girl Chair massage

On Site Chair Massage

  • Convenient therapy brought to your staff
  • No clothing needs to be removed
  • No oils are used
  • Only a small work space is required

Benefits help you to:

  • Improve workplace health & wellbeing
  • Recognise & reward
  • Boost morale & motivation
  • Reduces stress & tension
  • Employees feel relaxed, positive & energised
  • Improve staff performance & productivity

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How does it work/cost?

20 minutes chair massage – from £15.00 per person*
* Minimum booking 2 hours.

Your Choice:

  1. The business pays
  2. The business subsidises payment
  3. Your staff pay, and you allow work flexibility enabling them to take advantage of the treatment

Refer staff

Members of staff can also be referred to my clinic.
See page:How Massage can help you

£40.00 per hour (including consultation and after care).


Please contact me to discuss your requirements:

Tel: 07970 406249