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How Massage Can Help You


How Massage Can Help You

5288Frequently following a massage, my client will say “I didn’t realise I was so tense” or “I feel so much looser”.

The way we are feeling, may seem quite normal to us, yet it isn’t until we experience beneficial changes that we realise how much we should listen to our body.

Massage therapy can help you to tune in, focus, and create awareness of what is happening within.

Whether you are a marathon runner or sit at a computer daily, your body will try to cope with whatever life throws its way, but sometimes the balance is tipped and equilibrium lost.

Massage helps restore balance in mind and body by aiding relaxation, recovery and repair.

A nagging ache, if ignored can lead to acute pain. Often it isn’t until one’s life is affected, that help is sort and consequently recovery could take much longer. Meanwhile, the body has found ways to compensate and therefore other areas may become problematic.

Quality massage can help joint mobility, soothe aches, pains and sprains, easing surrounding muscles and tissue.

5338We all experience a little stress sometimes in our lives. It helps us reach that deadline or get a job done. Our body releases adrenalin which fires us up for ‘fight or flight’. However, the pressures of modern life can often keep us in a constant state of stress, which may have a severe effect on our health. Most people think of stress as being in their head, and do not associate other symptoms they are experiencing as related, but often they are. Stress can cause: High blood pressure, increased heart and breathing rate, tension in muscles, digestion problems, insomnia and suppresses the immune system.

A good relaxing massage helps reverse the symptoms of stress and therefore enabling the body to rest and repair.

Muscles can become tight due to tension, stress, repetitive movement or postural problems. Often they get so used to being in a particular position that they forget their original function. Waste such as lactic acid builds up in the muscles, sticking fibres together which then form knots, and can become sore.

Massage stretches the muscle fibres, draining out waste and toxins, helps regain muscle function and tone.

Please contact me should you have any questions as to the suitability of massage for you.

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